Monday April 16th, 2018

Bird Dog 101

Are you a seasoned versatile hunting dog handler or brand new to the sport and breed?  We aim to offer important information for all.  Bring your Spinoni big and small and join our panel on Monday, April 16, 2018, 8:00 AM to Noon for some informative sessions.  Please bring your dog on a good leash and collar.   

Topics will include:

 Relatable Training – Every dog needs a clear picture of what it is being asked to do.

·         The Transition – My dog is perfect at home.  How do I transfer that to the field?

·         Timing – Is everything whether it is voice commands, clickers, E-collars, leash, or check cord.

·         Read the Dog – Interpreting behavior; in the yard, park or field making game.

·         First Time Bird Exposure – Introduction to birds for puppies or adult dogs. (LIVE BIRDS)

·         Hunt Testing – Information on AKC hunt tests, NAVHDA, Etc.

·         WOMEN HUNT – Enrich your experience with your dog.  Hear from women whose Spinoni took them to the field.  How and Why.  Gun, Camera or Both.

·         Basic Field Training Equipment and Uses – What you need to get started.

·         Solving Problems - Think outside the box!

·         Questions and Answers 

Note:  All participants in this event MUST be registered for the SCOA National Specialty week.  Registration is $25 per person and includes a Welcome Bag and all events, seminars, celebrations throughout the week, with the exception of the PetTech Canine First Aid and CPR seminar.  Please refer to the Registration page on this website.


Fun With Dogs

Versatility it is!  Have you ever wondered what the AKC performance events were about?  Now you and your furry friend can come find out!  Bring your dog and dabble in a variety of events – learn what they are all about and give them a try!  In short:  come on out and Have Fun With Your Dogs!



Calling all bird dogs!  The 2018 National Specialty will feature the first ever Gun Dog Sweepstakes, a show event for Spinoni who have earned an AKC JH, SH or MH titles, or a NAVHDA qualifying prize score in NA, UPT, UT, or a VC title.  This event is designed to highlight and honor those Spinoni that fulfill their breed purpose as "hard working gun dogs" while remaining true to the structure and breed type of the Spinone.

GUN DOG SWEEPSTAKES ELIGIBILITY: Any Spinone Italiano with an AKC Hunting title or NAVHDA Prize or Title.  Entrants need not be entered in any other class or at the regular entry fee.  All AKC registered dogs, including Champions of Record and spayed and/or neutered dogs are eligible for this competition.   

CLASS DIVISIONS: Class divisions shall be the same for dogs and bitches.

Junior Hunter – For dogs/bitches that have earned the AKC Junior Hunter title

Senior Hunter - For dogs/bitches that have earned the AKC Senior Hunter title

Master Hunter - For dogs/bitches that have earned the AKC Master Hunter title

NAVHDA NA – For dogs/bitches that have earned a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize

NAVHDA UPT – For dogs/bitches that have earned a NAVHDA Utility Preparatory Prize

NAVHDA UT – For dogs/bitches that have earned a NAVHDA Utility Prize

NAVHDA VC – For dogs/bitches that have earned the NAVHDA Versatile Champion title

After the completion of the individual class judging, each of the 14 class winners shall be brought back to the ring for the awarding of Best in Gun Dog Sweepstakes and Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Gun Dog Sweepstakes.


Tuesday April 17th, 2018

Pet Tech® Canine First Aid & CPR Course

A very comprehensive 5 hour Pet CPR & First Aid Course will cover the following subjects with lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and plenty of hands on practice

Pet Tech® Canine First Aid & CPR Course Information

Susan Mityorn Bio


BREED EDUCATION – (everyone is invited and encouraged to attend)

SCOA has put a great deal of time, effort, and funding into creating an excellent PowerPoint presentation of the Spinone for our judges’ education program.  This same program is being presented here for all Spinone enthusiasts in an effort to bring forward a better understanding of the Spinone breed standard and an inside look at the judges’ education program.



The 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition is intended to introduce new exhibitors and their puppies to the dog-show world in a stress-free and relaxed environment. It also provides an opportunity for puppies to socialize with people and other dogs at an optimal time of their development. 

Puppy Competition Entries will be accepted on Tuesday April 17th, prior to competition.  More details on where and how to enter will be provided in your Welcome Bag and/or at the Registration Table at the Specialty.  Entries are open to all Spinone puppies who are at least 4 months of age, up to but not including 6 months of age on Tuesday April 17th.  Entry Fee is $10 per puppy.  All puppies will receive a toy for participation.




This event will showcase the Top 20 ranked conformation Spinoni as tabulated by the AKC statistics from January through December, 2017. Entry is by invitation only, but all Spinone enthusiasts are invited and encouraged to attend.   

Dogs will be judged outdoors on Tuesday afternoon by a three‐judge panel consisting of:  a Spinone breeder, an AKC judge licensed to judge the Spinone Italiano, and a handler well-versed in the Spinone breed.  Each judge will evaluate the dogs independently and, enumerating the criteria of the Spinone breed standard, they will mark their assessments on a tabulation sheet.  An independent group will tabulate the results.  The emphasis for judging is on the individual qualities of the dog and how closely he/she conforms to the breed standard.   

On Tuesday evening, a gala dinner will be held and the Top 20 dogs will be showcased and presented with their rosettes and awards.  At this time we will also be honoring our Spinone Veterans who have given us so much.  The winner of the Top 20 event will be announced at the end of the evening.   

The Top 20 event will have a separate catalog which features each dog and is a true keepsake to commemorate this event.  Catalogs must be pre-ordered and cost $15 each.  You may order your Top 20 catalog on the SCOA Event Registration Form. 

Top 20 Flyer



The 2018 Parade of Veterans honors the veteran Spinoni who have brought credit to the breed inthe field, show, rally, obedience, agility, therapy, and other performance areas, most importantly as a treasured companion. All Spinoni 7 years of age and older may participate. 

Each Veteran will be showcased and will receive a commemorative ribbon and a Bronze SCOA Medallion.  For each Veteran participating in this event, please furnish a brief paragraph (100 words or less) which will be read as each dog enters the area, and please provide 2 or 3 of your favorite digital pictures of your Veteran, which will be displayed as they are being awarded. The paragraph should include the age of the dog, parents (if known), breeder (if known), and accomplishments.

There is NO ENTRY FEE for participation in this event, however your Veteran MUST be entered through the BaRay website by the entry closing date of March 28th, 2018 Noon PST.  Please fill out your dog’s information on the entry form and indicate ‘Parade’ as the dog show class.  No entries will be accepted after the March 28, 2018 closing date. 

IN ADDITION:For those veterans who are unable to attend; a brief slideshow will be developed and showcased atthe parade, honoring those Spinoni who continue to make a difference but did not travel to Maryland.

Please provide Becky Tevis with 2 or 3 pictures of your veteran throughout the years, including your dog’s registered name and call name and owner’s name, no later than March 28, 2018 at rtevis@hotmail.com.

Parade of Veterans will be at no charge, but they must be entered through the BaRay website after February 14, 2018 – this will allow them to be listed in the catalog and will help us to better plan for the Parade.



Wednesday April 18th, 2018


 AHT Cerebellar Ataxia (CA) DNA testing (pending AHT approval) will be held at the Health Committee booth at the Shopping Social 3-5pm



They say no job is finished until the paperwork is done so this is where we get down to business and have an opportunity to gather and discuss the future of our breed and our club.  We cannot conduct business unless we have a quorum so we encourage every SCOA member to plan to attend this meeting which will follow dinner Wednesday evening in the same location.  Come out and make your voice heard!  Please remember this club is run by volunteers. Courtesy and consideration is the order of the day so while you are encouraged to say what you have to say, please say it nicely.  See you there!


Thursday April 19th, 2018


These events will be held off-site at Breakaway Action Dogs, Inc., located at 900 E Patrick Street, Frederick, MD  21701, in Building #2.  Directions to this facility will be in the judging program and your Welcome Bag.  This facility has a rubberized floor, room for two rings and crating, is both air-conditioned and heated, and it has an indoor bathroom! 

will directly follow the Rally trial.  Please join us for some good fun, friendly competition and a few laughs!  Please be sure to come on out and root on those Spinone fanciers who have worked so hard to train their dogs for these competitions.  Then don’t miss this opportunity to give your dog a chance to play in the Olympics!  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.  This will be in a completely enclosed environment.  No training needed!  There will be plenty of room for those wishing to watch and cheer on the Olympians.  This year’s events will include: · Relays · Musical Circles · Milk-Bone Retrieve · Tennis Ball Pickup.


Health testing will be available at the host hotel from April 18 to April 19.  Please sign up for these tests at the Health Fair on Wednesday if at all possible, but everyone is welcome.  The following health exams will be available at host hotel as indicated:    

  Eyes (OFA)
  Heart (OFA)
  Thyroid (Hemopet/OFA)
  CBC (Hemopet)
  Titres (Hemopet)


IMPORTANT Health Clinic Info


Judges Education for AKC licensed and Provisional Judges only

This presentation is limited to AKC licensed and provisional judges only, but is the same presentation that is being made available (“breed education”) to all Spinone fanciers on Tuesday following lunch.



Directly following dinner in the same location will be our famous (or infamous) annual Live-ly Auction!  This is our biggest fundraiser and the proceeds enable us to continue to hold our exciting National Specialty Event Weeks!  Spinone Rescue joins us in this effort as their biggest fundraiser to continue to help those Spinoni who are abandoned and/or abused, to have the health care and homes they deserve.  So bring your credit cards, checkbooks, and cash, and outbid your friends for the amazing items so generously donated by our members each year for these worthy causes!


Friday April 20th, 2018


Suzanne Whittingham, our 2018 National Specialty judge, will be giving an informal breed presentation, including grooming the Spinone as presented by Suzanne’s  brother, Phillip Wright, following judging of the National and winners’ photographs. 



Don’t miss our final farewell of the National Specialty week.  This is an opportunity to applaud our Spinoni who have been honored with the Spinone Club of America annual awards.  A special Junior Showmanship presentation will be a new addition to this evening’s celebration.  Many hugs, tears, and laughs will be experienced as we say goodbye and look forward to our next National Specialty Event Week to be held June 2nd – 7th, 2019, in Greeley, Colorado.  Until then, Ciao!


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