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The Spinone Club of America and Spinone Rescue of America, need Your Help to make this 2018 Auction a HUGE SUCCESS!



 We are asking each member to bring a bottle of wine that is locally produced in your state to the 2018 National.  We will collect all the bottles and hold a raffle with the $$ proceeds of the raffle to be split between the Club and Rescue.  The winning ticket will win ALL THE WINE!  So leave space in the truck, camper, RV, Prius....because one lucky winner will hit the vino jackpot!  More info on the Wine Raffle will be forthcoming so keep a lookout.

2018 Wine Raffle Flyer


We are working hard to make our National successful with lively and entertaining auction events.  The committee needs your support and help with the Auctions.  We are looking forward to your gifts of unique and memorable items and/or monetary donations to make our event truly special!

The Auction Committee is in need of donations from any and all members, friends, and fanciers of Spinoni to be auctioned at our 2018 National Specialty.   Items do not need to be Spinone specific, although those are always popular and tend to bring in the highest bids.  State-themed baskets are always welcomed and are often witty and educational.  So get together with your fellow statesmen and see what interesting things you can come up with to show off your state.  Other well received items are unusual art pieces.  Do you know an artist who would donate a piece?  What about a friend who does quilts or embroiders?  How about a local dog fancier or business that would be willing to help out?  The possibilities are endless!  As we have done in the past, we will also be accepting smaller items that will go into the bag raffle, and this year we will also hold a silent auction.   As most of you know, the Auction and Silent Auction are the main fundraisers for our SCOA National Specialty Event Week and for Spinone Rescue.  If you want the proceeds from your donation to go to Spinone Rescue please make sure the items are clearly marked.  It is recommended that you keep copies of receipts for your files for items donated to Rescue.  We ask support for both from all Spinone fanciers, friends, family, associates, and businesses, to have some fun and make a donation Ė imaginative items are welcome!  We have great auctioneers lined up who will make this a fun and lively auction but they canít do it without your donations.  We really, Really, REALLY appreciate your support!  Again, we will limit items for the live auction, so as to keep the event within a reasonable time-frame.  


All auction items will need to be shipped to Lydia Perham at 17 Fox Hollow Drive, Newmarket, NH 03857 no later than March 31, 2018. Or please bring item(s) in person to the National in MD.  Please be certain to mark the outside of the box: ATTN: SCOA/AUCTION 

If you wish to submit an item, please contact the auction chair, Lydia Perham at 603-292-7868  or lgperham@gmail.com and let her know.  You can also ship items to the hotel, to arrive no earlier than April 11th 2018.  Please clearly mark the box for the Spinone Auction and mail to:  The Clarion Frederick Event Center, 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, MD 21703   The Auction Chair can also help to answer any questions you may have regarding the Auction.  Thank You In Advance for Your Support!   

Your 2018 National Specialty Auction Committee.

Note to Prospective Bidders:  Please remember to bring at least 2 checks when you attend the auction because payments to Rescue and SCOA must be made separately to satisfy the IRS.  Cash is also accepted and any donation or winning auction item slated for either SCOA or Rescue can be paid on the spot with a credit card.  

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